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Decaffeinated Beans
A pure Brazilian Arabica coffee with the caffeine extracted using a special water steaming process. This has the effect of darkening the beans but does not impair the flavour. A good bedtime drink!


Fairtrade 586 Espresso Blend
A rich full-bodied espresso, with notes of milk chocolate, cream and hazelnut. A well-balanced coffee with a nutty sweetness that develops into a cocoa bitterness. 

We manage our beans with vigorous diligence so they arrive at our customers as fresh as possible. Each bag of beans has a date stamp and batch number marked on them so that you can tell exactly where and when they were roasted.

Filter Coffee
All of our coffees will be freshly roasted on your order, ground and packed to keep in its full flavour. As with our beans, we manage our stock with great care so they arrive at our customers as fresh as can be. Each bag has a batch number marked on it so that you can tell exactly what profile info we hold. We have a selection of both single origin and blends of filter, including organic and Fairtrade, to cater for every taste.

Filter coffee has been making somewhat of a comeback in recent years. Not only is it great for large batch brewing, but it also allows you to make more delicate and clean tasting coffee when compared with espresso. Perfect for many brewing methods including bulk brewing, Aeropress, V60, French Press, Moka Pots and more.

No-tie contracts
Unlike many wholesale coffee suppliers out there, we like to do things differently. We don’t believe in tying you into ingredients contracts. Instead, we hope to continue to win your business by ensuring we always offer only the best ingredients, along with exceptional customer service, training and support.

Mobile Catering
Hotel & Pubs
Coffee Shop

You don’t have to own a café to set up an account with Artisan Roaster. Now you can have our fantastic coffee for the office, at trade prices.

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