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speciality coffee nearby
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speciality coffee near me
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We began roasting small-batch speciality coffee, experimenting with flavours and purchasing green beans from small producers directly so it made sense to try roasting beans ourselves. All our efforts went into learning the basics of roasting and continued to learn the rudiments. Starting a business sounds crazy, but strangely it seemed the perfect time for coffee affordable luxury.

The hardest thing to learn is how to roast a batch of speciality coffee well. There are so many variables such as the kind of roaster we are using, and the environment we use it in, as well as the air flow is a really important and how quickly it moves through the machine is a factor when it comes to flavour profiles.

Our days are spent tasting, tweaking, blending and crafting until the speciality coffee and final product becomes more than coffee but a complement to the moment for you to enjoy.

The speciality coffee we select allows us to bring a genuinely artistic experience to each cup and an experience we are honoured to share with you and so whether you are enjoying a cup of our speciality coffee at your favourite local coffee shop or your kitchen table, you can rest assure that we’ve been looking out for your taste experience every step of the way.​​​​​

Unique speciality coffee that was once blended together is kept separate, which unlocks the opportunity to explore possibilities and potentials in those coffees at every step of the process, from seed to cup. That exploration and the product that results is ultimately what third wave coffee is all about.

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