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To be an exclusive speciality coffee roaster, we pay fair trade prices for the single origin raw coffee beans we source. But, we have set our sights higher than a symbol. Our sourcing raw coffee goals are based on quality and with you in mind. Our approach is through direct trade, philosophy and ethical practice true to speciality coffee.

What role does a quality play in sustainability?

Quality coffee creates demand and a level of certainty for future crops of speciality coffee where quality can be consistently achieved. We are proud to be working on building direct relationships with raw coffee farms and co-ops producing quality products. We are proud to create sustainability by supporting a farm's ability to invest in future raw coffee crops as well as improve conditions for workers and their families.


This direct relationship brings with it the ability to know the names, faces and needs of the people with whom we work, as well as ensure direct receipt of the speciality coffee proceeds of our partnership.


We are working on giving back £0.50 in every 1KG of roasted coffee we sell. Watch this space!!

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