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Cascara Tea
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Organic Cascara Tea

Cascara Organic Arabica Natural Herbal Cherry Tea Fruit

Cascara is the cherry-like fruit or husk surrounding the coffee bean. This is made from coffee trees in a plantation in Costa Rica. This is fast becoming a popular and mainstream beverage. Coffee beans start life as a cherry, which is picked and dried in the sun. This leaves a dried fruit with two green coffee seeds in the middle. Once it makes it to the mill, the seeds are removed and the dried fruit remains.

This fruit is popular in energy drinks. Tastes of single malt with a hint of wild honey. It’s great hot or cold!!

But that description does it injustice, and really cascara tastes, unlike any other tea.

100% Natural sundry process, it is high in antioxidants, polyphenols, low on caffeine and gives you energy.

Heat water to 94°C. (just off boiling) Add 5g - 1 tbl of cascara to one cup of water -Steep the cascara for around 4 minutes Or if you prefer a stronger flavour, it'll keep infusing flavour for up to 10-12 minutes. -Drain the tea, and discard the pulp. Use a plunger, tea strainer or sieve to catch the pulp.

Just like coffee, you can make cold-brewed cascara tea too. Cold-brew cascara -Add 30g of cascara for each 250g of water to a jar or any container with a lid. -Leave the mixture in the fridge for 24 hours -Strain out the pulp, and serve over ice. Use a plunger, tea strainer or sieve to catch the pulp.

Why not try new recipes like this one: 1 cup water 5 grams of cascara (1 tbl) -1/2 pod cardamon (crushed, not ground) -1 sliver fresh ginger -1/3 cinnamon stick Steep in hot water for 6 minutes tastes refreshing.

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